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We are trying to serve the humanity regardless the color, gender or religion.

Skills Development

Full of skills is batter than full of pocket. Keeping this in mind, we are working to start the skills development programs where the skills can be delivered to build a respectable community.


Technology is playing a massive role is the success of any nation. We have plans to invest not only in monitoring values but human resources as well, so we can stay alive in this race.


With your help

We’ve funded thousands of people for different causes...

When you donate us, we try to spend it to every person who is in need of it and we know about that person. Our plan



Popular Causes

Al-Jabbar Group has aim to serve the humanity through many profitable and non-profitable project. We have divided them into many categories and we are accepting donations as per the category so you can donate in your desired domain.

Flood Victims in Pakistan


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Profitable Project for Better Pakistan


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Thousands Of People Are Looking For Help And We Are Trying To Make It Happen For Them

Flood Relief Package
For Flood Victims

We have participated in flood relief programs to help the flood victims in flood affected areas in all provinces of Pakistan.

Skills Development
For Better Pakistan

Al-Jabbar Group has lined up many programs to enhance the technical, non-technical and domestic skills.

In Technology

Under the umbrella of our profitable programs, we are working for innovation in technology.

For All

Thousands of children not going schools due to lack of resources and we are working to make the education process easy for all.

Become a Volunteer

If you wish to join as volunteer, we are open to accept applications worldwide.

    Al-Jabbar Group Charity Donation Projects

    How we work


    Nationwide NGOs

    We have a module to serve through different NGOs who are already in market. We collaborate and serve with them because we believe "Better Together"

    Data-Driven Approach

    The best module which is working for us to approach the NGPs, old age homes and orphanages. We collect the data about the communities who are in need of help.


    Number of supporters


    Fund raised


    Children Helped


    Volunteers Worldwide

    Meet Our Team

    Team Members

    Qammar Altaf

    Qammar Altaf

    • Experience:2 Years

    Founded this organization back in 2021 and managing all the operations and donations

    Bint e Altaf

    Bint e Altaf

    • Experience:2 Years

    Crafted all the initial designs and logos for Al-Jabbar Group


    Why Choose Us?

    Solving social problems requires leaders from foundations, businesses, nonprofits, and governments to reimagine the systems and relationships that shape our world. We strive for a deep understanding of how to create social change.
    • We seek to unlock the possibility

      All of our brains work together for resolving any issue and utilize all of our in-door and out-door resources

    • We seek to drive change on large scale

      Driving a change on a larger scale is a team task so we work with different NGOs sometimes to meet the criteria

    Words About Al-Jabbar Group


    I became aware of AJG several months ago. This is a great organization! Their process to donate is well done and is important for helping communities. There are many more projects as well.
    Muhammad Sajid
    Senior Manager
    A genuinely hard-working organization. I'm so glad to know that this organization gives importance to basic and essential needs like food, health, and education for poverty-stricken people.
    Raja Waqqas Zafar Janjua
    Waqqas Zafar
    Wonderful experience dealing with AJG, and it really helped many people by improving their education facilities, poverty eradication, and more. It's a great organization working for many people livelihood.
    Ah San
    Ah San
    Marketing Manager

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