Al-Jabbar Group’s mission is to serve the humanity with profitable and not-profitable projects according to the principles of Islam. We aim is to serve in the different sectors of local markets, technology and non-profits. Below mentioned are the percentages which shows how much profit we will reinvest in the same category.
Local Markets
Total Projects
Amount Spent
People Served
Fresh & Healthy Eatables
We aim to provide the fresh and healthy meat and vegetables.
Daily Use Products
We aim to make the products for daily use in affordable price.
Food, Shelter & Education
We aim to provide free food, shelter and education for all.
Market Places
We aim to develop market places for making buying and selling easier for the people.
Skills Development
We aim to run free skills development training programs for every common citizen.
Interest Free Banking
We aim to provide interest free banking
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Rawalpindi Pakistan

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